Pigeon Corn

Court Farm Feeds has been supplying Pigeon Fanciers and Pigeon Clubs with pigeon corn across the UK for over 20 years.  This means that we have become experienced in the field of pigeon feed and can supply a wide range of pigeon corn, supplements and accessories to help your pigeon to receive the nutrition they need to ensure optimal health and racing performance.

Our feed has been produced from 70% UK sourced grains grown here at our farm in Herefordshire.  This is then supplemented with high quality Maize, Safflower, Red & White Dari and Tares, from around the world, to ensure a high quality diet for your pigeons. We are also stockists for Willsbridge and Versele-Laga premium pigeon corn.

We supply a variety of mixes to take your pigeons through the racing year including:

  • Breeding – balanced mixture to help ensure good health during the breeding season

  • Young Bird – High in protein, and with options for with or without Maize

  • Racing Mixes – to help ensure your pigeon is on top form for the racing season

  • Economy/Winter Mixes – during the off-season, to maintain health

  • Moulting – Balanced mix with added oilseeds for a perfect moult

We also stock a wide range of supplements and health products to ensure your pigeons are kept in the best of health and fitness.

Our price list can be found here.

Image by kalpesh patel