AB12 Mixes

Birds on Frozen Grass

In support of the new Countryside Stewardship Mid Tier and Higher Tier schemes, we offer a range of AB12 mixes for supplementary winter feeding for farmland birds.  Our mixes incorporate produce grown on our farm, which is then mixed with with smaller seeds to give various options for AB12 compliant mixes.

We offer a Standard and Premium AB12 mix, which comes in complete form or a no-wheat concentrate. Mixes are bagged into 25kg weights or larger tote bags. Delivery can be arranged by ourselves within Herefordshire or by haulier to further destinations. 

Please feel free to contact us about pricing or bespoke mixes.

Complete Mixes

No Wheat Mixes

Standard AB12

  • 70% Wheat

  • 15% White Millet

  • 10% Red Millet

  • 5% Oilseed

Premium AB12

  • 70% Wheat

  • 10% White Millet

  • 7.5% Red Millet

  • 7.5% Linseed

  • 2.5% Sunflower Hearts

  • 2.5% Canary Seed

Premium AB12

Standard AB12

  • 50% White Millet

  • 35% Red Millet

  • 15% Oilseed 

  • 25% White Millet

  • 25% Red Millet

  • 35% Linseed

  • 7.5%% Sunflower Hearts

  • 7.5% Canary Seed

Mix 300kg of concentrate mix with 700kg of wheat​